TornadoVM 0.15 Released – Now Supports Running Java On Intel Arc Graphics


TornadoVM is an open-source plugin for OpenJDK and GraalVM that allows for running Java programs on heterogeneous hardware like GPUs and FPGAs. With today’s TornadoVM 0.15, it’s the first release now supporting discrete Intel Arc Graphics hardware.

TornadoVM allows for Java/JVM programs to target OpenCL, NVIDIA PTX, and SPIR-V for in turn running on a multitude of different devices. Beyond common CPU execution this gets Java on integrated/discrete GPUs, FPGAs, and other targets that can consume OpenCL C or SPIR-V.

TornadoVM has supported Intel integrated graphics already but with the v0.15 release today it added support for Intel Arc Graphics discrete GPUs. This TornadoVM 0.15 release also brings an improved Linux installer, an improved launcher, new documentation, support for large buffer allocations with Intel oneAPI Level Zero, and new APIs. There are also various bug fixes.


For those not familiar with this OpenJDK/GraalVM Java-to-heterogeneous-hardware plug-in can learn more about the open-source project via the their new documentation website or and the v0.15 sources as well as various Linux binaries are available on GitHub.