Stratis Storage 3.5 Released With Encrypted Cache Support


Red Hat continues investing in Stratis Storage as their modern Linux storage solution built atop XFS and LVM with intentions of providing ZFS and Btrfs like functionality but atop a mature and proven base. Released on Tuesday was Stratis 3.5 as the latest version of their Rust-written daemon.

Stratis 3.5 isn’t the most exciting update but one new feature worth the attention is support for encrypted pool caches. With Stratis 3.5, an encrypted pool’s cache is now encrypted for better security while still providing good performance. Up to this point the caches for encrypted pools were surprisingly left un-encrypted…

Stratis 3.5 also adds support for starting pools by name. This release also makes all dependencies optional now for better build-time configurable support of Stratis. So Stratis is less annoying, it will stop repeatedly logging the same messages when a pool is in the «NoPoolChanges» state or when a pool is out of metadata space.

Stratis Storage logo

Downloads and more details on the Stratis 3.5 daemon release via GitHub.