PipeWire 0.3.65 Adds New Combine-Stream Module, Bluetooth MIDI


PipeWire 0.3.65 is out today as the newest feature update to this novel server for managing audio/video streams on Linux.

Interesting with PipeWire 0.3.65 is introducing a new native combine-stream module that can be used for creating a virtual 5.1 surround sound device from three stereo sound cards or directing the audio output to multiple sinks at once.The combine-stream module can be used for both combining multiple sinks into one sink and merging multiple sources into one.

PipeWire's combine_stream module.

PipeWire 0.3.65 also adds support for Bluetooth MIDI, in conjunction with WirePlumber updates too. This release also fixes its AVX code to avoid possible crackling in the filter-chain when using the mixer, an ALSA plugin rule has been added to tweak the buffer settings for DaVinci Resolve to run with an acceptable latency, support for compress offload with tinycompress, and various other bug fixes and enhancements.

Downloads and more details on this morning’s PipeWire 0.3.65 release via FreeDesktop.org GitLab.