Patches Updated For Hooking eBPF Programs Into The Linux Kernel Scheduler


Published back in November were a set of patches for allowing (e)BPF to extend the Linux kernel’s scheduler. That interesting work is continuing with Friday having brought a second revision to the patches.

This work is about allowing (e)BPF programs to partake in the Linux kernel’s decision making around scheduling of tasks. This eBPF adaptation for the Linux kernel scheduler could help in allowing developers more quickly experiment and explore scheduling policies, allow application-specific schedulers via eBPF programs, or other more customizable options via the wonderful world of eBPF programs.

sched_ext benefits

Google and Meta have been among the major players involved in this eBPF effort for the Linux kernel scheduler. With the v2 patches of «sched_ext» posted on Friday, the code has been re-based against the latest BPF development code, core-sched support is now in place, and various other fixes and improvements.

Those interested in this work for hooking (e)BPF programs into the Linux kernel scheduler can see the v2 patches for more details.