NVIDIA Publishes DLSS Super Resolution SDK 3.1, Including Updated Linux Demo


NVIDIA just published to GitHub the DLSS Super Resolution SDK v3.1, their first software development kit update made public since last May when DLSS v2.4 was the latest and greatest.

The NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution SDK 3.1 milestone adds the ability for developers to hint which DLSS Super Resolution Model is preferred for their game, support for applications to opt-in to having over-the-air updates for newer DLSS versions, performance and optimization fixes, stability improvements, and various fixes/


NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution SDK 3.1 also brings an updated programming guide and documentation around the new APIs. The DLSS SDK is under the NVIDIA RTX SDKs License and includes the DLSS header files, the pre-compiled DLSS library blob, and sample DLSS applications for Windows and Linux. This SDK also pulls in the NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK for a compute shader spatial scaling implementation for DX11 / DX12 / Vulkan usage.

Those interested in this NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution SDK 3.1 update can download it from NVIDIA/DLSS on GitHub.