MPV Player 0.35.1 Released With Wayland & PipeWire Fixes


MPV 0.35.1 is out this weekend as the latest update to this open-source media player developed as a fork originally from MPlayer/mplayer2.

Back in November brought the MPV 0.35 release with a new PipeWire back-end, Wayland DMA-BUF support, and other features. MPV 0.35.1 is mostly about addressing bugs from that prior release.

MPV 0.35.1 features a few PipeWire audio output fixes, Wayland fixes with improved error/debug reporting, checking for resize/move in touch events, and changing around dispatching/waiting for compositor events.


MPV 0.35.1 also brings fixes to its Meson build system, vo_gpu_next code path enhancements, fixing various memory leaks, fixing an X11 issue with the PRESENT extension timing feedback, and other bug fixes.

Downloads and the full list of MPV 0.35.1 fixes via GitHub.