Mesa 23.0-rc4 Released Due To Blocker Bugs


While the Mesa 23.0 graphics drivers were aiming for release this week, due to outstanding blocker bugs it has instead resulted in a fourth weekly release candidate.

Due to outstanding bugs still being resolved, Mesa 23.0-rc4 was released on Wednesday with an assortment of different fixes. The hope is to carry out the official Mesa 23.0 release next Wednesday.

Fixed in Mesa 23.0-rc4 include several Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan bugs, various RADV Vulkan driver fixes (including some GFX11 / RDNA3 fixes), refining the new RADV RMV code, the usual Intel Iris and ANV driver churn, and even a few Etnaviv fixes this release for the open-source Vivante graphics IP support.

Among the several RADV driver fixes is back-porting the fix for correcting the rendering with RAGE 2.

The full list of Mesa 23.0-rc4 fixes can be found via the release announcement.

Arc Graphics

During the Mesa 23.0 feature development phase this quarterly release has enjoyed many Radeon RX 7900 series «RDNA3» improvements, Vulkan mesh shaders by default for RADV on RDNA2 with the newest kernels, ray-tracing improvements for RADV, continued Intel DG2/Alchemist dGPU work, initial Nouveau support for RTX 30 «Ampere» GPUs, more Zink enhancements, and many other changes — as usual heavy on the Radeon and Intel driver fronts but also Microsoft Dozen, Zink, and other drivers too.