LibreOffice Removes Support For Some Old Targets: AIX, 32-bit s390 & More


With LibreOffice 7.5 due out next week and that code already having been branched, in the LibreOffice mainline code this week they have dropped support for some old targets.

Stemming from a discussion over removing dead C++ UNO bridge implementations, removal of some outdated/obsolete targets was merged this week into LibreOffice Git.

AIX support is

removed. The AIX platform support as a whole has been deemed dead for LibreOffice and now the 2.4k lines of code has been cleared out.

Additionally, 32-bit s390 support is also dead and removed. That cleared out another 1.6k lines of code in removing 32-bit s390 architecture support code.

The former Sun Microsystems logo

Also removed is the C++ UNO bridge implementations for Solaris 32-bit SPARC and Solaris x86. Those were the only C++ UNO bridge implementations for Solaris. But for those using the OpenSolaris-derived OpenIndiana, LibreOffice still should work. OpenIndiana x86_64 makes use of the GCC Linux x86_64 bridge implementation. Clearing out that Solaris SPARC/x86 UNO code made this open-source office suite another 3k lines lighter.

These removals and any of the other discussed C++ UNO bridge implementations for dropping will be found in the next LibreOffice release due out in August.