KiCad 7.0 Released For This Open-Source Electronics Design Automation Suite


KiCad 7.0 was released this weekend as a «significant upgrade» to this open-source EDA (Electronics Design Automation) suite that can be used for designing PCB layouts, circuit design schematics of varying complexity, and more.

KiCad has been used by the likes of System76 when designing their Launch keyboard and this leading open-source EDA solution has been successfully used by many other projects. With more than one year since KiCad 6.0, the KiCad 7.0 release brings some big changes.

KiCad 7.0,

KiCad 7.0 introduces support for custom fonts with any system fonts now supported, text box support for the schematic and PCB editors, 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse support, Sentry crash reporting data collection support is available and opt-in, macOS Apple Silicon support, and a wide-range of other improvements.

For downloading this open-source EDA suite or to learn more about all of the changes in KiCad 7.0, visit the project site at