GNU Debugger Adds Support For Debugging AMD ROCm / HIP Code


The GNU Debugger «GDB» has landed initial support for being able to debug AMDGPU/ROCm platform code with a preliminary focus on HIP programs.

Merged this morning to mainline GDB is support for ROCm platform debugging with this being AMD’s open-source Linux compute stack. While ROCm also supports OpenMP and OpenCL programs, this initial ROCm debugging focus is for HIP programs.

AMD for their part maintains rocGDB as their ROCm source-level debugger built atop the GNU Debugger. But now thanks to work of software developer Simon Marchi with EfficiOS, upstream GDB has support for ROCm/HIP debugging.

ROCm debugging lands in GDB Git.

More details via this commit for those interested in AMD ROCm debugging with GDB.