GNU C Library «glibc» 2.37 Released


As scheduled, version 2.37 of the GNU C Library «glibc» was released this morning.

This widely-used libc implementation on Linux and other platforms has many bug fixes as well as a few new features. Some of the Glibc 2.37 highlights include:

– The getent tool now supports the –no-addrconfig option.

– The dynamic linker no longer loads shared objects from the «tls» sub-directories on the library search path or the sub-directory that corresponds to the AT_PLATFORM system name.

– A security fix with CVE-2022-39046 when the syslog function is passed a crafted input string longer than 1024 bytes it can read uninitialized memory from the heap.

– Dozens of different bug fixes.

Glibc 2.37

The full list of Glibc 2.37 fixes/changes can be found via the NEWS entry. Glibc 2.37 meanwhile is on the way to Ubuntu 23.04, Fedora 38, and other upcoming Linux distribution releases.