FreeType 2.13 Released With New Qt-Based Font Program


FreeType 2.13 is out today as the newest version of this widely-used font rendering library. New to FreeType 2.13 is a new Qt-based demo program.

FreeType 2.13 ships a new ftmulti demo program that is written using the Qt toolkit for its user interface and offers functionality found individually among «all other graphical FreeType demo programs.» This new ftmulti demo program aims to provide a super-set of the functionality provided by multiple different utilities all from this single application making use of the modern Qt for its UI.

FreeType's new demo program shows off its new ftmulti demo program.

FreeType 2.13 also promotes its COLR v1 API for OpenType color gradient vector fonts to stable and has AVAR v2 support for the Axis Variations Table Version 2.

Downloads for FreeType 2.13 along with other information on this new feature release via