FreeBSD Ends 2022 Short Of Fundraising Goal But Continues Driving New Features


FreeBSD has published its 2022’Q4 quarterly status report that outlines all of the progress made by this open-source BSD operating system project.

FreeBSD ended 2022 short of their fundraising target but nevertheless the project continues advancing with new features, improvements to existing functionality, and continuing to improve the hardware support for this leading BSD. From their Q4-2022 status report, some of the highlights for the past quarter included:

– The FreeBSD Foundation is still adding up the numbers, but they didn’t meet their fundraising goal for the year. They are looking at bringing on someone who can work on encouraging organizations to invest in FreeBSD. They had a goal of $1.4M USD while as of writing is around $1.147M.

– The release engineering team is working on putting out FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE.

– Continued improvements to FreeBSD’s continuous integration (CI) infrastructure.

– Vessel is being worked on for integrated application containers for FreeBSD. Vessel aims to expose many of the FreeBSD features to application developers with a Docker-like interface.

– Working on making UFS/FFS file-system snapshots when running with journaled soft updates.

– Continued work on improving the FreeBSD WiFi/wireless driver stack.

– More improvements for running FreeBSD on RISC-V.

– Updating the GCC default version to 12 with plans for GCC 13 as the default version once the first minor version is out.

FreeBSD boot splash screen.

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