Fedora Asahi Aims To Provide The Fedora Workstation Experience For Apple Silicon Systems


For those wanting to run Linux bare metal on modern Apple Silicon M1/M2 systems, the easiest way to do so is by using the Asahi Linux distribution with its downstream kernel carrying the latest Apple driver enablement patches for the ARM hardware, the specialized installer for safely setting up the Linux distribution on the Apple, and modern package base provided by Arch Linux. For fans of Fedora Workstation, the Fedora Asahi remix has been working to provide a great Fedora Workstation experience for modern Macs.

Fedora developer Eric Curtin presented at FOSDEM 2023 this past weekend on the Fedora Asahi remix. Fedora Asahi is carrying patched versions of the Linux kernel, Mesa, and related bits to ease to Fedora experience on the latest Apple Mac systems. Like with Asahi Linux, Fedora Asahi is also carrying the early Linux kernel support for Rust drivers as well as building that kernel with LLVM Clang.

Eric Curtin presenting at FOSDEM 23

For those interested in the prospects of running Fedora (Asahi) Workstation on modern Apple AArch64 systems, Curtin’s FOSDEM 2023 presentation is embedded below. Those wishing to learn more about the project itself can do so via the Fedora SIG Wiki.