Dbus-Broker 33 Released With Few Changes


A half-year has passed already since Dbus-Broker 32 was released for this drop-in replacement to the reference D-Bus implementation that is focused on providing better performance and reliability. Today that’s been succeeded by Dbus-Broker 33 as a relatively minor update to this software from the BUS1 project.

Dbus-Broker remains the leading and most performant D-Bus message bus implementation for now with no in-kernel IPC implementation like KDBUS having come to pass and the BUS1 kernel module seemingly not seeing any major push for going upstream. The out-of-tree BUS1 kernel module has sadly not been touched now since mid-2019.

With today’s Dbus-Broker 33 release there is improved resiliency of the launcher against run-time changes in D-Bus service files. But aside from that the few other changes mostly amount to fixes. There is a fix around a race condition when starting systemd services from the launcher, an error reporting change, fixing GetStats() returning two replies, and missing origin information within the start-up log message.

That’s it for the Dbus-Broker 33 release, which can be downloaded from GitHub.