Audacious 4.3 Beta Adds PipeWire Plugin, Restores GTK3 + Ships Mature Qt6 Support


Longtime Linux users likely have fond memories of the XMMS audio player from two decades ago. For those that enjoyed XMMS back in the day, Audacious continues being updated as a modern fork of XMMS.

Released this past week was the first beta of the upcoming Audacious 4.3 music player. Notable with Audacious 4.3 is that it adds a native PipeWire output plug-in now. Audacious 4.3 also adds an Opus audio decoder plug-in, and support for GTK3 has been restored while still defaulting to GTK2. The Audacious player’s Qt6 toolkit port is also now deemed mature but on the Qt side will still default to Qt5.

Audacious official screenshot

Audacious 4.3 has also been polishing its Meson build system support so that it’s now feature complete, there is now handling for Ogg FLAC audio streams, support for reading embedded lyrics tags, and a variety of other new features and fixes.

More details on the new Audacious 4.3 Beta 1 release via