AMD Working To Upstream New AMDGPU/AMDKFD Compute Debugger API


AMD sent out a set of 32 kernel patches today for their AMDKFD/AMDGPU kernel driver code in providing upstream support for debugging of their GPU compute instruction set architecture (ISA).

There is currently a ROCm GDB interface for compute ISA debugging that is out-of-tree as part of the ROCm code while they are working now on having an upstream kernel solution for dealing with the debugging of the compute ISA.

In addition to the 32 kernel patches sent out today that are for their kernel driver, they also have branched code in the ROCm space for implementing the new debugging API within the user-space AMD Debugger API (ROCdbgapi) and ROCT Thunk interface.

ROCm logo

Those interested in this work-in-progress effort for upstream Linux kernel support for handling the debugging of their compute ISA with ROCm can see this patch series for all the details.