AMD ROCm 5.4.3 Released To Fix A Few Defects


AMD ROCm 5.4 was released back in November while since then it has continue to be refined with new point releases to address various issues with this open-source Linux GPU compute stack.

After the ROCm 5.4.2 release in mid-January, ROCm 5.4.3 is out today. Unlike the prior release, at least v5.4.3 ships with some basic release notes.

ROCm 5.4.3 is expected to address defects with various compiler address errors resolved compared to earlier releases. Those previously hitting ROCm compiler errors around handled SGPR spilling to memory, cannot scavenge registers without an emergency spill slot, or running out of registers during register allocation should see these issues resolved.

ROCm 5.4.3

That’s it as far as the noted changes go for today’s ROCm 5.4.3 release.

With little feature work on ROCm 5.x in recent months and the ROCm 5.4 point releases dragging on, presumably AMD is preparing the ROCm 6.0 release soon with those normally coming out on an annual basis. In a few days it will mark one year since ROCm 5.0 shipped. The ROCm 6.0 release may also be timed for that of the Instinct MI300 as we have seen for some past AMD accelerator launches.